THOMASVILLE PROPERTY DRIVING DIRECTIONS 500 acres Thomasville Take 19 out of Thomasville headed toward Pelham, Camilla, and Albany. Go about a mile and there will be a BP Gas Station on the left. Turn to the right across from it on 202. Go about another mile or so and you will see a pecan orchard on the left. That is a horse farm and as the pasture for the horse farm begins to play out you will see our gate on the left right before a mailbox on the left. There will be a sign on the gate that says Saddle Creek Plantation. The combination to the gate is 6131. Pull the gate to as you enter the property and make sure to lock it when you leave. Drive to the end of the pasture and enter the woods on the right bottom. Turn to your right as you enter the woods and there will be a login box on your left. There will be a small map on the board of the property you can take this with you. The numbers on the map correspond to the numbers on the trees so you can't get lost. The roads are in good shape but if you go during a wet spell you will have to be a little carefull. All the creek bottoms you cross have gravel in them so you shouldn't have any problems. Leave the map back at the board and lock the gate as you leave. 350 acres Thamasville Take 19 out of Thomasville headed toward Pelham, Camilla, and Albany. Go about a mile and a half and cross over the river. Turn to the right after you cross over the river on Egg & Butter Rd. Cross over the next bridge and the property starts on the right. There is a gate there but keep going to the main entrance. You will pass by some homes that jut into our property then planted pines The main entrance will be on your right and has a white wood fence trimed in green. The combination to that lock is 6131. As you enter there is a login box on your right that has a map of the property. You want need a map to ride with you because you want get lost on this tract. There will be maps posted on the trees where the numbers are so you can stop at anytime and see where you are. When you get to the first pond if you will turn to the left it will take you to the cabin. Cabin combination is 000 If you were to go straight at the 1st pond it will take you to the 2nd pond. If you turn right and go across the damn you will go to the river. Please lock all the locks when you leave. Thanks, Lyle 850-443-0482